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I Never Wanted to Become a Mortician ... but in some ways I have become one
There are two types of divorces: one with pain and hurt; the other with pain and hurt cloaked in hostility.

Marriage Too Complex For Such A Simple "Fix"
Government attempts to keep the divorce rate down are often short-sighted and punitive.

The Crying Game: Breaking Down Or Coming Forth
Why do we have such a difficult time accepting that our tears and deep emotions are a natural part of life?

Theory and Practice of Cooperation
Contracting for Cooperative Outcomes.

Liking Yourself During The "Merry" Days
The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is the most stressful and often, painful, time of the year. How do we prepare?

The First Day Of Fall And It Already Feels Like Winter
The author says good bye to his beloved cat.

Good Bye Stone Mountain Airport

Losing a cherished place of refuge is never easy.

Preview, Quick Exits Mar Movie Experience
Advertising and marketing intrude more than ever in the darkened movie theater. Do we really want more than we pay for?

Too Old To Deal With All The Racket
Transitions in life are often challenging.

For What You Never Did
The author pays a loving tribute to his dying mother.

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