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What Are Testimonials?

In the traditional sense, a testimonial is an acknowledgment of a product, the producer of the product or even a
glowing review of a production. In a clinical practice, that is only partially true.

The following testimonials speak only in part my work or myself. As I read them to be included here, I was moved by
each of the contributors and the remembrance of their changes. I recall their courage, humility, tenaciousness, dignity,
and strength through vulnerability followed by empowerment and in some cases, sheer transformation.

It is the old adage that in the process of honoring another, you honor yourself. When folks are pleased with their
changes as a result of coming here, I am especially privileged to do the work I do.


I have enjoyed a great deal of personal and professional growth in my work with Tim. He encouraged me through every step of a difficult prior marriage, from counseling to try to save it, through my own healing and growth after it did not survive. He has a unique ability to use humor when it fits the situation and compassion and emotion when called for. He is with you every step of the emotional journey you want to take — whether it's working through just a small issue or if you want to change your outlook or thought process on something much larger. He is great at challenging your way of thinking without making you feel like you've been confronted or judged. Tim's is a safe haven to explore your biggest fears and doubts, and celebrate your best triumphs and achievements.

- Anne, Loganville

Tim Schnabel is without a doubt the best clinician I've ever worked with and I have seen a few!

His care was so instrumental in my healing process during and after my divorce that I honestly don't think I could've gotten through it without him. He helped me find words for everything I was feeling during that confusing and painful time, He gave me a safe, comforting space to grieve and transition into the single life. He even got my mother and me over a hurdle in our relationship--a gift for which I'll forever be thankful.

I am extremely grateful to Tim for his skill as a therapist, and for his ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

My only regret is that I didn't call Tim sooner!

- Tasha J, Atlanta

My pastors, who made the referral for me, introduced me to Tim. During my therapy, Tim helped me focus on painful interactions with my family members and how I was undermining myself. Tim helped me to see that I was in control of my decisions referring to family issues and I could change how I saw myself in my family. Tim was always there for me and was up front and an advocate for me. Tim guided me in starting to make changes that I needed in order to deepen my healing. Tim was also helpful with my PTSD issues also. I highly regard Tim as a wonderful therapist and a person who guided me to change my life for the better.

- Jodi, Loganville

I did not want to see a counselor. I didn't believe in it! As I was depressed and struggling, a friend recommended Tim to me. I felt as ease the moment I met him and as a result of seeing him for a while and getting an anti-depressant prescribed by my family physician, I am feeling the best I have in years! I never felt judged by Tim and that made a huge difference. He has a good sense of humor, too.

- Rob, Monroe

Tim possesses that combination of training, skill, experience and genuine concern that we were looking for to assist us through a difficult passage in our married life. We saw him both individually and as a couple. We are always certain Tim will provide a stress-free environment within which real work and true healing can begin. Tim's counsel could not be more valued or appreciated.

- Dave and Joanie, Dacula


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